Legal Representation for Civil Litigation

Kennedy & Associates provides civil litigation and other legal services in the realms of real estate, estate planning, probate matters, landlord and tennant disputes, suits for collections as well as forclosures and other real estate finance disputes. Come to our office in Chattanooga and Jamestown, Tennessee, for a free initial consultation.

Schedule a brief consultation with our attorney to determine the needs of your case and to begin the legal process. You will receive a fee agreement and representation form to sign before we begin legal representation. In addition to providing civil litigation, we can also draft documents, such as:

• Wills
• Commercial & Residential Leases 
• Trusts 
• Boundary Line Agreements
• Property Deeds
• General Contracts
• Sale Contracts
• Employment Agreements 
• Sub-Contractors Agreements
• Construction Agreements 
• Promissory Notes
• Deeds of Trust